Important Things to Remember When You Travel

I have been to many cities and countries worldwide. I believed in almost 30 countries already. I still need to account how many cities did I totally visited. I guess, this is my next assignment in a couple of days.

With every places I visited, there are always unique experiences. From these travel experiences, I learned lots of lessons and travel tips in which I use as a guide for my next travel.

Below are only petty but very indispensable reminders to make your travel a more successful, comfortable and memorable one. You might even save some bucks when adhering to these travel tips.


A Golf Holiday in my Travel Wishlist

Spain is a beautiful country. With its diverse culture, lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, historic sites and cities, world famous folklore and festivals, Spain has been a dream country to visit for many tourists worldwide.

I am so lucky to visit this country and I can say, I will keep on coming back there when time and financial aspects are possible. I have been there twice and maybe in my next visit I would love to experience some Golf Holidays in Spain.  I was  thinking the past months that spending a golf holiday can be a   unique and enjoyable experience. For a first timer like me, I believed it will be full of fun and challenges.

I visited a lot of travel sites online and learned that there are a lot of places in Spain that offer golf holidays and courses as well. Among the few ones are located in Murcia, Costa del Sol, Majorca, Costa Brava, Tenerife and more.

A  nice beach in Costa Brava during my visit last July 2012. ©
On the other hand, Portugal is also in my bucket list to visit. This country on the Iberian Peninsula is rich in culture and tradition. With its beautiful countryside and lively cities, it attracts many visitors not only in Europe but in the whole world as well.

For those who want to spend Golf Holidays in Algarve like me, I can say that there are a lot of courses and hotels in this place that offer excellent rates. Thanks to GolfKings for all the travel information shared online.

Honestly, I haven't tried playing golf yet. I already watched it a lot of times but have not experience it myself. I read in a local magazine yesterday that there are basic courses offered in the nearby city. If ever I go to Portugal first, I would surely love to learn a golf course in any of the Algarve Golf resort or hotel.

There are a lot of golf hotels and resorts worldwide. Depending on your choice of place or country, you can always find one that best fit for your budget.

Cruising Europe-One of the Best Ways to Discover the Continent

Before I left Europe last August for a month holiday here in the United States, I was exchanging messages with a compatriot from Australia who was planning for a cruise in Europe. He said that he booked an affordable Cruise  he found online. Two weeks ago, I was exchanging messages with him again in facebook and told me that their cruise in Europe was one of the best travel experiences that he and his wife had experienced.  I  am s happy for him after our conversation.

I agree that one of the best ways to see Europe is through cruises. This is true  especially if you found affordable  cruises  that represent value for your money. Many cruise holiday come as a complete package including flights, accommodation and all meals included in the price and what meals they are.

Cruising Danube River in Wachau Region in  Austria. ©


My Top Destinations in Canada

There are a lot of  countries that I wish to visit in this beautiful world. I know that one life is not enough to see everything but I am happy that I have already  seen  some of it.  Isn't it an  awesome experience  visiting almost 30 countries worldwide and still counting. I believed I am a lucky  individual to visit those countries.

One of my travel wishlist was finally fulfilled when I visited Canada lately.  It was one of the  Holidays to Canada that I was dreaming of. It was quite a short two-day trip but I was glad  to be  in Vancouver for the first time. My happiness was overwhelming when I stepped on  Canada's land.

There are still a lot of  places that I wish to see and experience in this country. I am hoping that one of these days, I can  visit Canada again.  Canada Holidays are for me an awesome experience. Here are my top places to visit  in my travel list.

Vancouver- I was finally there! I can't believed that  I was able to visit one of the famous cities in  Canada. This coastal city of British Columbia region was a wonderful experience for me. During our two-day visit, I already experienced a lot. I had seen many landmarks and historical  buildings in Vancouver including Canada Place, Vancouver Convention Centre, Stanley Park, Chinatown, Gastown, Capilano Suspension Bridge and many others. For me the highlight of my visit in this city was when I went up to Vancouver Look-up and had a fantastic 360 view of the city.  Special thanks to my dear friend Ate Thelma for driving from Seattle,  Washington to Vancouver. I truly appreciate it.

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The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada. I was there!
Toronto- Before I travel to the United States last month, I have some friends from Toronto who were inviting me to visit them. Sad to say, my time and budget  are  limited after visiting many cities  here in the US.  Besides Toronto is  almost  halfway  between Las Vegas  and Germany. I told them that I might visit them once I will be visiting the East Coast part of USA.   Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is also the  media, entertainment, business, economic and cultural capital of Canada.  It  is well known for famous landmarks like the CN Tower.  There are just a lot of things to do and experience in this  city that is why  it is included in my top destinations in Canada.
View of  Canada Place when we were on top of Vancouver Look-up. I love it there!
Calgary- I have some friends and relatives who are currently living in this city.  I even received a message in facebook if I am including Calgary in my list when I was in Canada.  maybe next time folks, I will visit you.  With  its petroleum  industry and agriculture, this city  is without a doubt a boom-town and a major Canadian financial city.  I would like to feel like a  Rocky Mountaineer when I will visit Vancouver since it is the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains.  I will also include in my itinerary a visit to Prince Island Park, Barclay Parade, Chinatown, Olympic Plaza, Stampede Grounds and many many more.

Also included in my top destinations to Canada are Quebec, Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal.


Visiting Edinburgh- Things Not to Miss

 Planning to visit  Scotland's capital  and still don't know where  to go and what to do?  Are you still  looking  for affordable   Hotels in Edinburgh? I am quite sure you can find one that will fit your pocket and needs.  Whether you are looking for Luxury Hotels, apartments and cottages,  hostels, guest houses and other cheap forms of accommodation  in this city,  be sure to book it ahead of time.  Booking earlier is very important  especially during  peak seasons like festival time in August or around Christmas and New Year  where tourists flock to  the city during these times.

Here are some of the things you can do when visiting Scotland's capital.

Visit to Edinburgh's Castle- one of the famous landmarks in Edinburgh, this building  must  be included in your sights to see in this city. It is located on top of an extinct volcano where you can  have stunning views across City of Edinburgh.
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Edinburgh Castle
St. Giles Cathedral which is sited at the Old Town is another  interesting structure to visit in the city. Properly known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh, it is the principal place of worship of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Experience the famous festivals like the Edinburgh International Festivals   and the Hogmanay.  There are still other fantastic festivals to be witnessed in this city.

Visit to the Museums and Galleries like the Scotland Museum, Royal Museum, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art  and  other independent galleries in Stockbridge.

Other landmarks that are worth to visit are the Scottish Parliament, Scott Monument, Mary King's Close, Abbey and Palace of Holyroodhouse, Royal Botanic Garden and Edinburgh Zoo.

If you want to experience a lot during your visit in Scotland's capital,  it is recommended  to spend some days there  and get an  Edinburgh Pass which will provide  you entry to 27 of Edinburgh's top attractions, a 90-page guidebook, retail and restaurant offers and discounts.


Visiting and Shopping in England

I am trying to find the albums of my pictures during my trip in England last autumn 2008. Wow! Time really flies so fast! I can't imagine that it was already four long years now since I visited this country. Before I will talk about my trip and  shopping escapade there, I just  want to clarify one thing. I want  you to know  that England is not UK or United Kingdom. To be more specific, England is a country that is part of United Kingdom or Great Britain, along with Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic Ireland. Of course UK has also a lot of territories worldwide.

The London Eye. I  had a ride in this wheel during my visit there. Simply a  fantastic experience!
My three weeks stay in England was a fantastic one. I experienced a lot during my visit. I also visited a lot of historical towns and cities. Thanks to all my friends in this part of Europe who were very kind, generous and accommodating. I always appreciate their time and effort in touring me around especially in their places.

I believed the highlight of my visit was when I stepped-on in London. Like many other capital cities in Europe, London is truly a must to see for tourists. I did see a lot of sights in England and UK's capital. The London Eye, the Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace and the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and many others.

The memorial of Diana and Dodi in Harrods.
Visiting England without going to Harrods might be boring. If you love shopping especially with signature and branded items, this department store is perfect for you. I miss to go to their ladies watches department during my visit in Harrods. Don't you know that this department store is the biggest one in Europe? Yes, it is and I am glad to be there. I am also proud that I have been to the second biggest department store in Europe which is KaDeWe in Berlin. I was so happy with the items on sale  that I bought from these stores. You can also find the memorial of Princess Diana and Dodi inside Harrods. Other high-end stores in London are the Debenhams, House of Frasers, Selfridge and more.

The House of Fraser in London

Other places that I visited in England last 2008 are  Birmingham, Manchester, Windsor Castle, Leeds, York, Harrogate, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire and its Castle, Knaresborough and other sites in this country.

I believed shopping is always a part of traveling. I always shop for souvenirs and other stuffs everytime I travel. Lastly, I can say that my three weeks holiday in England was truly a memorable and fantastic one! Seeing some friends there  also made my trip more exciting.  I hope to be backed in England  again!


Things To Know About Vanuatu

Are you planning to visit some of the countries down under the planet earth? Or maybe planning to take a holiday in Vanuatu? For a travel enthusiast like me, I always wanted to visit any country in any continent of this world. When time and budget are available, I would surely love to visit Vanuatu in the future.

Here are some of the things we need to know about Vanuatu;

It is officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu and was previously known as the New Hebrides Islands.It is is an archipelago nation consisting of over 80 islands located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand and east of Australia.


Countryside Trip to Knaresborough, England

Are you familiar with Mother Shipton's petrifying well? When you visit Knaresborough in England, for sure you will have an idea of what it is all about. I had the chance to visit this historic market town in the Borough of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It is also famous for its spas. We rode a bus from Harrogate to reach Knaresborough. It only took us around 10-15 minutes ride with the bus served by the Harrogate and District bus company.

a train passing the scenic bridge that crosses the River Nidd in Knaresborough. The date embedded in my images here was the time I was in this town.

Mother Shipton's cave in Knaresborough, one of the sights in this town.

Sights in the town include the remains of Knaresborough Castle, Mother Shipton's petrifying well, The House in the Rock, and several cave dwellings, one a chapel, dating from the Middle Ages.