Beautiful Places To Visit in Norway

Norway is a unique place to visit. Located in and around the Arctic Circle, there are several places to visit in Norway that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. When visiting make sure that you make time to experience the following:

Eastern Region – Oslo

Oslo, capital of Norway is rich in culture and heritage. This area is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and some of Norway’s finest skiing spots. Visitors to Oslo often use this city as a central point to touring the eastern region.

Southern Region – Telemark

Perhaps one of the most beautiful towns to take a Norway holiday is in southern Norway. Telemark is most noted for its canal that leads from the sea to the mountains. A boat trip through the waterways will provide you with breathtaking scenery that changes by the minute. The area is known for delicious sea food and quaint shopping areas.

Fjord Region– Sognefjord Area

This area has much to offer the traveler. Home to the world’s longest fjord, travelers can view spectacular waterfalls, enjoy Jostedal Glacier National park or ride the Flam Railway. Also in this area is the Urnes Stave Church, built in 1120 and is now a World Heritage Site. You feel like visiting the Himalayas when you see the stunning mountains in this region.

Northern Region – Finnmark

Finnmark is possibly the most unique place in Norway. This area is where you can experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), the Midnight Sun and meet the Sami, Norway’s indigenous people. There are many wild life safaris to enjoy, excellent artic fishing excursions and, of course, the Snow Hotel. The Snow Hotel is made entirely from ice, including all the furniture, dinnerware and decorations. You will surely feel like taking a vacation in coastal areas when visiting Finnmark. The landscapes there are simply amazing!

Central Region – Trondheim

Trondheim is a university town that is rich in history and culture. Many people come specifically to the area to visit the Nidarosdomen Cathedral. This cathedral was begun in 1070 and is built on the burial site of Saint Olav. Also located in the city is the Palace of the Archbishop, a regal structure built in the 1300’s it is the oldest building of its type in all of Scandinavia.

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