Countryside Trip to the Himalayan Regions

The Himalayas is one of the best places in the world to explore. If you love trekking, hiking, mountain climbing or any adventure trips, there are wide selection of possibilities from deserts to jungles. White Water Rafting is popular in many places.

The Himalaya are a range of mountains in Asia. The so-called Himalayan region includes the highest mountains in the world and it has more than a hundred peaks. These are the main reasons why a lot of explorers and adventurers love to visit this part of the globe. Another popular thing to do here is to study Yoga or Meditation. This is also a perfect place for those individuals who would love to spend a relaxing vacation with nature. Shakti Himalaya for example are offering tours and vacation packages in this region.

Here are some of the interesting regions to visit in the Himalayas;


With its numerous trekking, sightseeing and adventure sport opportunities, Nepal has become a major tourist destination.It has an advance infrastructure compared to the other regions here, thus an advantage for tourists and visitors. There are guest houses available for sleeping every night.


The tiny and fascinating kingdom of Bhutan has been called "The Last Shangrila." It has stunning natural scenery and the strong sense of culture and tradition. Sometimes it is difficult to visit this kingdom because it only issues visas to tourists on expensive group tours or to individuals who benefit the country like the Non Government Organization workers, or exchange students.

Trekking is the best way to see and experience the country. Interesting districts to visit include, the Gasa district, Bumthang district and Lhuentse district.


This country is a diverse one. India's culture and heritage are a rich amalgam of the past and the present. If I am not mistaken, it has the second biggest population in the world.

Interesting places to visit are the Jammu and Kashmir with its picturesque forested mountain. Trekking and sightseeing are the most popular activities to do here. The Hindu state of Himachal Pradesh with a Tibetan Refugee population is popular with tourists. It's name literally means "Adobe of snow". West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh are also worth to visit. If you want to see a large number of pilgrimage sites, Uttaranchal is the right one for you.


The most visually stunning parts of the Himalaya can be seen in the northern Areas of Pakistan. Be prepared if you want to do some trekking here. This is also one the most expensive parts of the Himalaya for trekking. You are advise to have a local guide when doing so. Be careful if you are visiting some parts of Pakistan like the North-West Frontier Province and Azad Kashmir. These places are unwise for tourists to visit. Better check current travel information about said areas.

The most popular destinations in the Himalayas are the sights themselves, the mountains, rivers, jungles, deserts and the religious structures; Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. You can experience here regions with varied cultures and traditions.

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