Cruising in Danube By Visegrad, Hungary

It was a relaxing cruise we had last summer in Danube River particularly in Visegrád. It is a historical town in Pest County, Hungary.

I am also glad to announce that this site is joining for the first time the memes below. I hope to join every week when time permits. I just have a lot of travel images to share for this memes.

It was a fantastic countryside trip we had last August 2011.

A small boat cruising Danube River, the second longest river in Europe.

The name Visegrád (Vyšehrad) is of Slavic origin meaning "the upper castle" or "the upper settlement/town/fortification". Visegrád was first mentioned in 1009 as a county town and the chief town of an archdeaconry. After the destructive Mongol invasion of Europe in 1242, the town was rebuilt in a slightly different location to the south. King Charles I of Hungary made Visegrád, his hometown, the royal seat of Hungary in 1325.

This was taken while we were near the castle in Visegrad which is located on top of the hill. That river is called Danube.

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2sweetnsaxy said...

Don't know if my other comment went through... I'll bet this was a nice cruise. Thanks for sharing and have a happy WW!

laarni lopez said...

i hope you'll be able to join weekly! happy wednesday!


Kim, USA said...

Beautiful scenery and so loving the landscape.

Watery Wednesday

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

My kids have this on their bucket list! :)

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

It's a beautiful river, I just love standing where I can see both up and down stream.

ewok1993 said...

i hope i save enough to cruise the danube. pretty pics. thanks for sharing.

JO said...

lovely place!

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

Cafe au lait said...

Lovely shots.

I played too. Mine is here.

angie said...

I love seeing Europe through your eyes.