Historical and Romantic Toledo in Spain

This is one of the places we visited during our 8-days trip in Spain recently. Toledo is the capital of autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha. It is located around 70 km south of Madrid. It is worthy to make a sidetrip in this town if you are especially in Madrid.

Toledo is a historical city dating back to Roman occupation (Toletum) circa 192BC. The ruins of the Roman circus are still visible just outside the walls of the city. Roman occupation was followed by Visagothic rule, Muslim rule and finally the Reconquest of Toledo in 1085AD.

Its location that sits majestically above the the Tagus River (Rio Tajo) made this place an often overlooked gem. It is truly a romantic town!

I had a lot of things to share during that awesome trip to the different places and cities in Spain.

Here is a beautiful scene of Toledo. It was foggy as the time we were there but it was still an amazing scenery. This place is fantastic!

Toledo viewed from Rio Tajo or Tagus River. Our visit to this town last December 9, 2011 was a very memorable one.

Denoted a UNESCO heritage site in 1986, Toledo represents a very worthwhile day-trip from Madrid. Arm yourself with a map to avoid getting completely lost!

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