Up Up On Cebu Skies!

It was two years ago since my last visit to the Philippines. I just did not noticed that time truly passes-by so fast now. This image was taken as we were boarding Cebu Pacific airline from Cebu International Airport to Manila. I have to accompany my sister in Manila for her flight to the United States that time. From my airplane window, you can see the island of Cebu in my image below. I guess that body of water you see is the so-called Cebu Strait. We stayed for 4 days in Manila until my sister's flight to the U.S. We also took the chance to see some sights in Manila during that visit. I would like to share more photos from that short trip from Philippines capital city, Manila.

I am hoping to be there again next year. God's will. I am also praying for the victims of earthquake lately in the Visayas particularly in the Negros Oriental and Occidental parts.

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angie said...

I'm so envious of your travels! :) This picture with tulips is gorgeous, too!

mary said...

That's a beautiful sky!