My Top Destinations in Canada

There are a lot of  countries that I wish to visit in this beautiful world. I know that one life is not enough to see everything but I am happy that I have already  seen  some of it.  Isn't it an  awesome experience  visiting almost 30 countries worldwide and still counting. I believed I am a lucky  individual to visit those countries.

One of my travel wishlist was finally fulfilled when I visited Canada lately.  It was one of the  Holidays to Canada that I was dreaming of. It was quite a short two-day trip but I was glad  to be  in Vancouver for the first time. My happiness was overwhelming when I stepped on  Canada's land.

There are still a lot of  places that I wish to see and experience in this country. I am hoping that one of these days, I can  visit Canada again.  Canada Holidays are for me an awesome experience. Here are my top places to visit  in my travel list.

Vancouver- I was finally there! I can't believed that  I was able to visit one of the famous cities in  Canada. This coastal city of British Columbia region was a wonderful experience for me. During our two-day visit, I already experienced a lot. I had seen many landmarks and historical  buildings in Vancouver including Canada Place, Vancouver Convention Centre, Stanley Park, Chinatown, Gastown, Capilano Suspension Bridge and many others. For me the highlight of my visit in this city was when I went up to Vancouver Look-up and had a fantastic 360 view of the city.  Special thanks to my dear friend Ate Thelma for driving from Seattle,  Washington to Vancouver. I truly appreciate it.

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The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada. I was there!
Toronto- Before I travel to the United States last month, I have some friends from Toronto who were inviting me to visit them. Sad to say, my time and budget  are  limited after visiting many cities  here in the US.  Besides Toronto is  almost  halfway  between Las Vegas  and Germany. I told them that I might visit them once I will be visiting the East Coast part of USA.   Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is also the  media, entertainment, business, economic and cultural capital of Canada.  It  is well known for famous landmarks like the CN Tower.  There are just a lot of things to do and experience in this  city that is why  it is included in my top destinations in Canada.
View of  Canada Place when we were on top of Vancouver Look-up. I love it there!
Calgary- I have some friends and relatives who are currently living in this city.  I even received a message in facebook if I am including Calgary in my list when I was in Canada.  maybe next time folks, I will visit you.  With  its petroleum  industry and agriculture, this city  is without a doubt a boom-town and a major Canadian financial city.  I would like to feel like a  Rocky Mountaineer when I will visit Vancouver since it is the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains.  I will also include in my itinerary a visit to Prince Island Park, Barclay Parade, Chinatown, Olympic Plaza, Stampede Grounds and many many more.

Also included in my top destinations to Canada are Quebec, Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal.

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