A Golf Holiday in my Travel Wishlist

Spain is a beautiful country. With its diverse culture, lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, historic sites and cities, world famous folklore and festivals, Spain has been a dream country to visit for many tourists worldwide.

I am so lucky to visit this country and I can say, I will keep on coming back there when time and financial aspects are possible. I have been there twice and maybe in my next visit I would love to experience some Golf Holidays in Spain.  I was  thinking the past months that spending a golf holiday can be a   unique and enjoyable experience. For a first timer like me, I believed it will be full of fun and challenges.

I visited a lot of travel sites online and learned that there are a lot of places in Spain that offer golf holidays and courses as well. Among the few ones are located in Murcia, Costa del Sol, Majorca, Costa Brava, Tenerife and more.

A  nice beach in Costa Brava during my visit last July 2012. ©
On the other hand, Portugal is also in my bucket list to visit. This country on the Iberian Peninsula is rich in culture and tradition. With its beautiful countryside and lively cities, it attracts many visitors not only in Europe but in the whole world as well.

For those who want to spend Golf Holidays in Algarve like me, I can say that there are a lot of courses and hotels in this place that offer excellent rates. Thanks to GolfKings for all the travel information shared online.

Honestly, I haven't tried playing golf yet. I already watched it a lot of times but have not experience it myself. I read in a local magazine yesterday that there are basic courses offered in the nearby city. If ever I go to Portugal first, I would surely love to learn a golf course in any of the Algarve Golf resort or hotel.

There are a lot of golf hotels and resorts worldwide. Depending on your choice of place or country, you can always find one that best fit for your budget.

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