Important Things to Remember When You Travel

I have been to many cities and countries worldwide. I believed in almost 30 countries already. I still need to account how many cities did I totally visited. I guess, this is my next assignment in a couple of days.

With every places I visited, there are always unique experiences. From these travel experiences, I learned lots of lessons and travel tips in which I use as a guide for my next travel.

Below are only petty but very indispensable reminders to make your travel a more successful, comfortable and memorable one. You might even save some bucks when adhering to these travel tips.

Know the Currency of the Country you are visiting- This is very important when you travel. It remind me of our trip to the Baltic countries recently. I did not know that Lithuania and Latvia are not using the Euro Currency. They belong to the European Union countries but are not using Euro as their monetary unit.

The currency of Lithuania is Lithuanian litas (LTL). When we arrived to Klaiepeda, I immediately exchanged Foreign Currency from Euro to Lithuanian litas in one of the banks in Akropolis, a huge mall in this city. Latvia on the other hand is using Lats (LVL). I also exchanged some Euros to Lats.

Wear the Right Shoes- I guess you are not doing modelling when you do sightseeing. Right? I mean wearing high heels when you already know that you will be walking for the whole day. That is like torturing yourself unless you are really used to walk with high heels.

I remember our trip to Vancouver, Canada last month. I was only wearing a thin flat sandal. Honestly, my feet really hurt that time because we have been walking two days straight. It was killing me. When I went to San Francisco, Phoenix and Las Vegas, I already made it sure to wear good walking shoes. I had a happy sightseeing in these cities with the right walking footwear.

Bring Your Camera and Be Sure to Charge it Fully. Are you recording or taking memories of your travels by taking pictures with a camera? You never know when you are coming back to that certain place especially when you travel around 8,000 miles away from home. I always record my travels by taking as many pictures as I can. Taking pictures is free and with digital cameras, we can delete unwanted or not so nice images we took during our travel. One more thing, charge your camera fully or bring extra batteries with you. You might not believe that I always bring at least 2-3 cameras when I travel.

Bring and Wear The Right Clothes- You cannot just visit Scandinavian countries with your shorts and shirts during winter time. Do you? I am telling you guys, the more you wear the right clothes when you travel, the more you will have comfort and ease when you go sightseeing. I am also reminding you that not all Scandinavian countries are using Euro currency. Be sure to check the Currency Exchange Rates of the country you are visiting there.

I still have a lot of petty travel reminders to  share. Watch out  for the next ones. Have a safe and happy trip to you!

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analou said...

Good for you sis that you have been to many countries. That is one of my plan before I die to travel as many countries as possible. Right now, since I have very limited time due to my work, I mostly use my vacation leave to visit my family in the Philippines or visit places here in the US.

BTW sis, thanks for the info. My husband and I is planning to visit Switzerland maybe next year or the year after.